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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool #9: Incorporating classroom devices for learning

1.  You shouldn't use technology just for the sake of technology, it must serve an educational purpose and go along with whatever the content of your lesson is. 
2.  With 3 and 4 year old special needs students it is somewhat difficult to hold them completely accountable for stations and centers.  They need constant supervision.  What we can do is model appropriate behavior at each station particularly when there is an Ipad or computer in that center.
3.  Learning Games for Kids and Studyladder were two websites I liked.  These are good websites I could use with students because they focus on literacy activites which would tie in to language based IEP goals and objectives.
4.  The Wheels on the Bus and verb cards are two apps that I have used a lot in speech language sessions.  I don't have stations with my students but we do use the apps on the Ipad in our small group sessions.  I usually have the students take a turn using the app on the Ipad.
5.  Again,  I don't have stations with my students.  I have used the Ipad as a reinforcer for students to do their work and then be able to choose an app on the Ipad for a set amount of time. 

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